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Questions To Ask in an Interview

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Questions To Ask in an Interview

When on a job interview, it is important for the interviewee to ask questions of their own.

When people go on a job interview, they spend a lot of time thinking about what answers they will give to potential questions asked to them by the employer.  With all the stress and anxiety that comes with an important interview, many forget that there are questions they should be asking of the employer and their company. 

As a job applicant, you should be trying to find out as much about the position as you can in order to determine if you think you would be a good fit and also be happy working for the company interviewing you.  This may be hard to remember to do because an interview can be pretty nerve-racking and is probably in an unfamiliar place.

The typical job interview goes as follows:  The interviewer will usually start off with some details about the company and the type of person they are looking for to fill a particular role.  After that they may start throwing a lot of questions at you about your skills, experience and background.  You spend a lot of time coming up with the answers you hope they will like.  They may ask so many questions that anything you though or to ask them has probably left your mind by now.  When they finally ask you if you have any questions for them, you totally draw a blank and can’t think of anything. 

Asking the employer questions is a good opportunity to get to learn a little more about the position you are applying for.  It also makes you look good to the interviewer, as long as you are asking appropriate questions.  Asking them how late you are allowed to be is not a good question to ask. 

Asking questions also shows that you already know a little bit about the company.  Your questions should reflect what you know about the company and the industry you are working in.  It will show that you are prepared and that you are interested in the position.  There are several questions you should ask, so it might be a good idea to make a list before the interview.

One thing you might want to ask about is the plan for the company over the next few years.  You want to know if they are going to be around in five to ten years and if you could possibly be a part of that. 

Good companies have goals and plans for the future, so it’s only fair to ask them what these plans and goals are.  Asking about the industry and what they see in the future is also a good idea.  Ask them what their best assets are in the company.

Other questions you can ask can pertain to the position you are applying for, such as the history of the job and what is expected.  You can ask the employer why the position has an opening.  Are there opportunities for advancement?  That is a very important thing to a lot of people.  You don’t want to get stuck in a dead end job and not be rewarded for the hard work you do.  Also ask them about the last person that held the position if it is applicable.  Ask them why the last person left. 

If they quit because the job was just too stressful or they didn’t feel appreciated, then that might be a sign.  Of course, no employer is likely to give an answer like that even if it was true.  Also ask about the strengths and weaknesses of the person that held the job before. 

This will give you a bit of an idea of what they might be looking for, unless they fired the previous employee.  You can also ask them how many people they are interviewing for the position, just to get an idea of what you are up against.  The fewer people they are interviewing, the better your chances are of being selected, so it is important to make yourself stand out from the rest.

There are plenty of other questions to ask.  Find out what type of skills they are looking for that they don’t already have.  Asking about the other employees in the company will give you an idea of what they have and what they might need. 

Ask about the overall structure of the company and the career paths in the department you are applying for.  Find out what success the department has had and ask about anything they want to do better in the future.  To get a better idea of what the job is all about, you can ask them to describe a typical day for a person in that position.

These are just a few of the questions you have a right to ask at a job interview.  You can ask other questions you think of as long as they are appropriate and make you appear interested in the position.  Just don’t go in without any knowledge of the company or the industry or you could end up making yourself look bad. To find the latest jobs, head over to

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