Interview Tips

The job interview can make or break you. The best credentials are of little help unless you manage a job interview with success. Unlike common perceptions where a job interview is a question-answer session, you can have a measure of control in putting your best foot across and making the best impression with well thought out responses as well as statements of your own.

Here are a few guidelines which should help.

  • Before you set out, check yourself in the mirror to make sure you are adequately groomed and dress appropriately.
  • The interview is about satisfying the interviewer that you have skills and personality that matches job requirements and company culture. What you say depicts your suitability and acceptability so tailor responses keeping this psychological requirement in mind without resorting to too much of self expression. How you put it across is also important so study methods of expression and practice them in front of a mirror.
  • Review mentally your background, qualification, experience and plus points. Understand the specific position you have applied for and tailor responses to show you have enough experience and knowledge.
  • Be very clear about future goals since this is one question an interviewer invariably asks. Would you project a purely selfish point of view or one that shows you come across as a person who helps a company grow? This determines your motivations.
  • Learn how to express about yourself in the most concise way, putting across the message clearly in the shortest time. Interviewers do not like rambling responses littered with er…um…
  • Have a well prepared response when asked about what interested you to apply for the job. Learn about the company, the job and state how you will fit in.
  • Find an opportunity to tell your interviewer about a specific challenging task you handled with success.
  • List your strengths with demonstrable proofs and when asked, state them clearly without embellishments. Be just as frank and clear about your shortcomings.
  • Have a very good reason ready when asked reasons for leaving existing job and reasons why the new job is aligned to your skills.
  • When asked about your previous or current boss, be neutral.
  • If asked about being a team player, have a demonstrable incident with proof to confirm that it is a fact.

Just for the heck of it, apply for various jobs you never intend to take on but just to get interview questions so you gain experience and succeed where it really matters.